Congratulations on your decision to Enhance your hearing and your life!

Your new hearing aids are designed to return sounds to your hearing threshold that you have been missing out on. However, it is important to maintain a realistic expectation of what hearing aids can do. Keep in mind that there is no “cure” for hearing loss. This means hearing aids will not fix all of your hearing concerns. Rather, they are like eye glasses; a tool designed to aid those whose hearing needs a little help.

When it comes to setting realistic expectations for your hearing aids, the main things to focus on are patience, practice and knowledge.


It takes time to adapt to wearing hearing aid. Most people aren’t used to having something in their ear all day long. However, your hearing specialist will be available to assist as much as possible with issues like fit, comfort and ear itchiness.

Adjusting to new sounds can also be expected. Everything, including your own voice, may now sound differently to you. This is normal, and will just take some time to get used to. Also keep in mind that your hearing aids will return a variety of sounds back to your hearing range and not all of them may be welcome. The sound of the air conditioner humming, traffic outside, and other people’s conversations near you may initially be annoying to hear. But with time and patience, you can train your brain to filter these sounds out as background noise.


There are a few things you will have to learn to do in order to properly care for your hearing aids. These items include; inserting and removing the hearing aids from your ears, adjusting the volume control (if your model of hearing aid has one), learning how to properly clean and maintain them, opening and closing the battery door and changing the battery.

It may seem like a lot to take in at first. But with practice, these simple procedures will soon be done with ease.


Hearing aids are extraordinarily useful tools that will take care of you as long as you take care of them. Therefore it is important to learn some basic facts about your hearing aids so that you can get the most benefit possible.

Hearing aids need regular maintenance, and should get cleaned and checked every 6 months. Like a car getting its oil changed, this will help keep your hearing aids in top functioning condition. As well, clean and check services are offered free of charge at all Enhanced Hearing Centres locations. Even with these 6 month checks, you can expect occasional repairs down the road. Hearing aids are small, complex devices with fragile components. They are sensitive to moisture, wax build up and being dropped or stepped on. Be sure to learn about the warranties that come with your hearing aids and how long each one lasts. All hearing aid purchased from the Enhanced Hearing Centres come with a 1 year Loss & Damage and a minimum 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. The Enhanced Hearing Centres also offers extended warranties that can be purchased once the Manufacturer’s Warranty runs out.

You may also want to learn about batteries, such as how much they are to purchase, how long they normally last and the best way to store them.

A final item to keep in mind is that your hearing can change over time. Occasional adjustments to your hearing aids may be required. Your hearing specialist may also want to periodically retest your hearing to make sure your hearing aid settings are aligned to your hearing needs.

For more information and resources on hearing aids, hearing testing and hearing protection, visit our web page at, or call to make an appointment with one of our specialists at an Enhanced Hearing Centres nearest to you.

Welcome back to a life of Enhanced hearing and Enhanced living!

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