Who Should Get Their Hearing Tested?

The short answer is everyone should.

Hearing testing should be as routine as getting your eyes checked at the optometrist or your teeth checked at the dentist. Having a baseline test around your mid to late 30’s is recommended. This allows you to know if your hearing range changes over time.

Why Get Your Hearing Tested?

Changes in your hearing are often so gradual that they aren’t initially noticed. High frequencies (like the voices of women and children) tend to be the first to move beyond a person’s hearing range. Then certain letter sounds become harder to detect. It may seem like people are mumbling, that your phone isn’t clear or that background noise has become more problematic when conversing. Having your hearing tested can tell you if your hearing abilities have changed so that you can look at bringing these sounds back into your hearing range.

Other Reasons for Hearing Tests:
• As an occupational requirement
• To check for changes in hearing after illness or injury
• As a precaution when working in noisy environments
• For concerns regarding hearing range reduction

How Often Should Hearing Be Tested?
Under 40 Years Old: Every 5 Years
40-60 Years Old: Every 3 Years
60+ Years Old: Every 2 Years (unless specified otherwise by an Audiologist)

Whatever the reason, having your hearing tested regularly is important for your overall hearing healthcare. The test itself is simple, painless and is provided free of charge at any of our Enhanced Hearing Centre locations.

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The Importance of Routine Hearing Tests