Our Hearing Is Important

Our everyday situations and quality of life can be affected by hearing loss

Our hearing constantly supplies us with vital information, as well as causing us to experience emotions and recall memories. 

At Work:

Participating in group meetings
Talking on the phone
Following the conversation in a busy office

On social occasions:

Chatting with friends
Participating in dinner conversations at a restaurant
Interacting with grandchildren
Talking on the phone
Watching TV together with others

For our own safety:

When walking near busy roads
To be able to hear sounds that alert to danger
like sirens and other traffic signals
So we can be alert to a cry for help

When we learn:

Allowing us to concentrate with little effort
So we are able to communicate with instructors
So we register information correctly

Inside Hearing Aids

In all hearing aids you'll find 5 basic components: microphones, an amplifier, a loudspeaker, a battery, and a computer chip that is programmed by the hearing professional to suit your individual needs.

Although all hearing aids have a similar construction, there can be significant differences in the quality of sound capture and speech understanding between different devices. The higher the quality of the hearing aid, the more natural the listening experience will be. This is because they offer features like bandwidth, automatic volume regulation, noise management, and feedback suppression.

The most advanced hearing aids also have a wide range of personalization options and the ability to connect wirelessly to a number of devices, such as mobile phones.

You will find the most advanced technology in the newer hearing aid models, and these improvements come at a cost. But you can feel assured that there are hearing aids available to suit all preferences and budgets. A hearing care professional can recommend a model based on the result of a hearing test and a conversation about your lifestyle and budget.

Old Technology

Deals with the complex and noisy environments like restaurants by focusing on only the sound in front, such as one person speaking. By reducing all other sounds - speech and noise alike - it leaves the wearer with a narrowed and artificial listening experience.

NEW Oticon Opn Technology

Ground breaking technology has the power to analyze the whole soundscape and differentiate between speech and noise. By rapidly and precisely reducing noise, it presents you with a natural, 360 degree sound environment where you can switch focus when you choose.

Follow conversations in noisy places

Unrivaled noise reduction helps you understand speech more easily at cafes, restaurants, and parties.*

*Le Goff and Beck 2017, Oticon Whitepaper

Hear multiple people speaking

Natural 360 degree sound lets you more easily follow different conversations and choose when you want to participate.*

*Le Goff and Beck 2017, Oticon Whitepaper

Help your brain to hear

Hearing loss makes your brain work harder, so Oticon Opn supports the way the brain naturally makes sense of sound.

Phone app control

With the Oticon Opn hearing aid app, you can adjust volume, change programs and more.

Connect to all sorts of devices

Connect wirelessly to your TV, computer, music and more via Bluetooth ® low energy.

ConnectClip Microphone

ConnectClip enables hands-free calls and stereo music streaming, and it's a remote microphone.

Safety Cord

SafeLine stops your hearing aids becoming lost or damaged when you or your child gets active.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Plug in at night and wake up to full power for the day - and still use conventional batteries anytime.