Hearing Healthcare News

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School Intro: I Have A Hearing Loss

This is a great resource for parents whose little ones have hearing loss and are starting school. This article offers ways to introduce to new teachers how to best aid in helping children with hearing loss to succeed in class.

Further Evidence Shows that Using Hearing Aids Improves Cognitive Function

Researchers at Columbia University found that older adults who use hearing aids performed significantly better on cognitive tests than those who did not–despite having poorer hearing than those who did not wear hearing aids.

Hearing Aids: Who Needs ’em?

Why do some seek assistance with their hearing loss when others don’t? This article takes a look at the motivation behind why many postpone getting help for their hearing.

An Open Letter to Hard of Hearing Musicians

While advances in modern technology have made it possible for individuals to reprogram their own hearing aids without seeing an Audiologist, there are still serious drawbacks when it comes to these attempts at self-programming.